Applied Behavior Analysis and Mental Disorders (co-developed)

Applied Behavior Analysis in Public Schools (co-developed)

Adjunct Faculty Training

Basic Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis


Behavior Assessment

Behavior Change Procedures and System Supports

Conceptual Issues in Applied Behavior Analysis

Comprehensive Exam (co-developed)


Evidence-Based Curriculum Development (co-developed)

Experimental Analysis of Behavior (co-developed)

Functional Analysis Procedures (co-developed)

Intensive Practicum Training

Measurement and Experimental Evaluation of Behavioral Interventions

New Student Orientation

Supervision and Management (co-developed)

Systematic Review, Competency Evaluations, and Portfolio Review

Treatment of Severely Challenging Behavior (co-developed)

Verbal Behavior (co-developed)

interactive ONLINE/DIGITAL instructional MODULES CREATED

Antecedent - Behavior - Consequence

Baseline Logic


Characteristics/Dimensions of Applied Behavior Analysis

Data Path Trends

Data Path Variability

Evidence-Based Practice

Identifying Parts of a Graph

Intensive Practicum Guidelines

Interobserver Agreement Calculations

Measurement Procedures

Multiple Control

New Student Orientation

Reinforcement vs. Punishment

Respondent Conditioning

Schedules of Reinforcement*

Skill Acquisition Curriculum Sheets

Skill Acquisition Data Sheets

Stimulus Equivalence

Verbal Behavior*

Visual Analysis of Graphs*

*Using emergent learning best practices